Welcome to Keramoti, Greece – the best beach on the Balkans!

Although it has until recently been a small fishing village, providing the easiest access to the Thassos by ferry, Keramoti, Kavala district, has now turned into an attractive destination for family vacations and ecotourism.


The picturesque town is situated on a small peninsula, which has been created by the Mesta (Nestos) river for millions of years. It lies equally away from two district cities – Kavala and Xanthis. A gorgeous fine sandy beach (50-60 m large) surrounds Keramoti, and goes on for 9 km towards the Mesta River. From sea, the peninsula looks like a Caribbean landscape.

There are neither tourist crowds, nor lustrous hotels in Keramoti and that’s exactly what makes it so charming. Keramoti possesses a vast sandy beach and an overwhelming atmosphere of calm and quiet that even the seagulls and herring gulls dare not disturb. That’s why it is the perfect vacation place for all who want to rest away from the noisiness of the big resorts. The small hotels and blocks comprising several studios or two-bedroom apartments provide accommodation for no more than 600 tourists.

Keramoti Keramoti

The picturesque embankment, where one can get on the shortest ferry line to the Thassos island (30 min) is dotted with small and neat taverns, coffee-shops and pastry-shops. Keramoti’s daily round has kept its ancient rhythm. In the morning people shop at the bakery and supermarkets, in the afternoon the town is quiet and most people have their afternoon “siesta”. The fishermen are the only ones who never rest. They occupy the whole quay that frequently resounds with their triumphing exclamations. In the evenings the embankment turns into a pedestrian area and natives go for a traditional walk with their mates. The evening traditionally ends in a coffee shop or a tavern.

In Keramoti one can find everything they basically need. Post office, a pharmacy, several supermarkets, a butcher’s shop, taverns and fish restaurants, coffee shops and even a discotheque. Everything in the town is within a walking distance. There is no frequent traffic, which makes the streets ideal for walks and bicycling.

The beach is on the other side of the miniscule peninsula, which is only 200 m wide in its section closest to Thassos. The sand is fine and beige, no worse than the one in the Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria. In Keramoti there are both a “wild” beach, where one could use his own sun umbrella and “civilized” areas with umbrellas and lounges. The most famous such area is the Paralia Beach - a big beach bar where many young people love spending the evenings. One can easily say that this beach is no worse than any place on La Côte d’Azure.

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